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MIME (Multi-Purpose Internet Mail Extensions)


What is MIME?
MIME (Multi-Purpose Internet Mail Exteio) is an exteion of the original Internet e-mail protocol that lets people use the protocol to exchange different kinds of data files on the Internet: audio, video, images, application programs, and other kinds, as well as the ASCII text handled in the original protocol, the Simple Mail Traport Protocol (SMTP). In 1991, Nathan Boretein of Bellcore proposed to the IETF that SMTP be extended so that Internet (but mainly Web) clients and serve could recognize and handle other kinds of data than ASCII text. As a result, new file types were added to /mail/ as a supported Internet Protocol file type.
Serve iert the MIME header at the beginning of any Web tramission. Clients use this header to select an appropriate /player/ application for the type of data the header indicates. Some of these playe are built into the Web client or browser (for example, all browse come with GIF and JPEG image playe as well as the ability to handle HTML files); other playe may need to be downloaded.
New MIME data types are registered with the Internet Assigned Numbe Authority (IANA).
MIME is specified in detail in Internet Request for Comments 1521 and 1522, which amend the original mail protocol specification, RFC 821 (the Simple Mail Traport Protocol) and the ASCII messaging header, RFC 822.


MIME(多用途因特网邮件Exteio)是一种exteion最初的互联网电子邮件的协议,它允许用户使用协议交换不同的数据文件在互联网上:音频、视频、图片、应用程序和其他类型,以及ASCII文本处理在最初的协议中,简单邮件Traport协议(SMTP)。在1991年,Nathan Boretein贝尔IETF提出的SMTP得到扩展,网络(但主要Web)客户和服务可以识别和处理其他类型的数据不是ASCII文本。作为一个结果,New file types were added to/mail/Internet Protocol as a supported file type. @! Serve iert the MIME header at the beginning of any Web tramission.客户使用这个头选择一个适当的/播放器/应用程序标题显示的数据类型。有些playe内置Web客户端或浏览器(例如,所有浏览GIF和JPEG图像playe以及处理HTML文件的能力),其他playe可能需要下载。
详细指定MIME互联网注释请求1521年和1522年,修改原来的邮件协议规范,RFC 821(简单邮件Traport协议)和ASCII消息头,RFC 822。

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