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1) A weblog, sometimes written as web log or Weblog, is a Web site that coists of a series of entries arranged in revee chronological order, often updated on frequently with new information about particular topics. The information can be written by the site owner, gleaned from other Web sites or other sources, or contributed by use.
A weblog often has the quality of being a kind of /log of our times/ from a particular point-of-view. Generally, weblogs are devoted to one or several subjects or themes, usually of topical interest, and, in general, can be thought of as developing commentaries, individual or collective on their particular themes. A weblog may coist of the recorded ideas of an individual (a sort of diary) or be a complex collaboration open to anyone. Most of the latter are moderated discussio.
Since there are a number of variatio on this idea and new variatio can easily be invented, the meaning of this term is apt to gather additional connotatio with time. A popular weblog is, the product of programmer and graphic artist Rob Malden and several colleagues. carries discussion threads on many subjects including: Money, Quake (the game), Netscape, Sun Microsystems, Hardware, and Linux. solicits and posts interesting stories reported by contributo, includes a link to the story, and manages the threads of the euing discussion by other use. Another well-known weblog is Jorn Barger's Robot Wisdom Log, which is more of collection of daily highlights from other Web sites. Jessamyn West's is a daily log of items interesting to libraria and possibly othe, too.
As a format and content approach for a Web site, the weblog seems popular because the viewer knows that something changes every day, there is a peonal point-of-view, and, on some sites, there is an opportunity to collaborate or respond with the Web site and its participants.
2) Weblog is the name of a software product from South Korea that analyzes a Web site's access log and reports the number of visito, views, hits, most frequently visited pages, and so forth.


(1)(A weblog 1965(列入名册,weblog黄金网络日志亚斯网站coists that is A系列of A revee in order性对于笔入账;经常在频繁更新新的关于特定主题的信息。可以写的信息网站所有者,从其他网站或其他来源,或由使用.
因为有这个想法上的差异数量和新变化可以很容易地发明,这个词的意思很容易随着时间的推移,收集更多的connotatio。一个受欢迎的博客是,the product company of规划和Malden Rob远离graphic和colleagues纵论》。行政threads人们讨论 arhuaca subjects包括:钱、Quake Netscape)、(另外,Sun Microsystems、硬件和Linux。Slashdot.org征集和帖子contributo报告的有趣的故事,包括一个链接的故事,并管理欧盟讨论其他的线程使用。另一个知名的博客是家Barger”机器人智慧日志,这更多的是日常强调从其他网站的集合。Jessamyn西方的图书管理员。网是每天日志libraria可能还有其他有趣的物品,。

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