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JavaBea is an object-oriented programming interface from Sun Microsystems that lets you build re-useable applicatio or program building blocks called components that can be deployed in a network on any major operating system platform. Like Java applets, JavaBea components (or /Bea/) can be used to give World Wide Web pages (or other applicatio) interactive capabilities such as computing interest rates or varying page content based on user or browser characteristics.
From a user's point-of-view, a component can be a button that you interact with or a small calculating program that gets initiated when you press the button. From a developer's point-of-view, the button component and the calculator component are created separately and can then be used together or in different combinatio with other components in different applicatio or situatio.
When the components or Bea are in use, the properties of a Bean (for example, the background color of a window) are visible to other Bea and Bea that haven't /met/ before can learn each other's properties dynamically and interact accordingly.
Bea are developed with a Bea Development Kit (BDK) from Sun and can be run on any major operating system platform iide a number of application environments (known as containe), including browse, word processo, and other applicatio.
To build a component with JavaBea, you write language statements using Sun's Java programming language and include JavaBea statements that describe component properties such as user interface characteristics and events that trigger a bean to communicate with other bea in the same container or elsewhere in the network.
Bea also have peistence, which is a mechanism for storing the state of a component in a safe place. This would allow, for example, a component (bean) to /remember/ data that a particular user had already entered in an earlier user session.
JavaBea gives Java applicatio the compound document capability that the OpenDoc and ActiveX interfaces already provide.
Also see Enterprise JavaBea.


从Sun Microsystems JavaBea是一种面向对象的编程接口,允许您构建可重用applicatio或程序构建块称为组件,可以部署在一个网络任何主要的操作系统平台。就像Java applet,JavaBea组件(或/ Bea /)可以用来给World Wide Web页面(或其他applicatio)互动功能,如计算利率或不同页面内容根据用户或浏览器特征。
当组件或Bea正在使用时,一个Bean的属性(例如,窗口的背景颜色)可见其他Bea和Bea天堂”“t /见过/可以相互学习”的动态属性和相应的交互。
JavaBea给Java applicatio OpenDoc的复合文档能力和ActiveX接口已经提供。

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