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Lynda Weinman's 216-color palette for Mac and Windows browse
For actual RGB values to specify, see our table containing the 216-Color Browser-Safe Palette.
A palette is both the board on which an artist puts selected colo and also the set of colo themselves. On the Web, choosing the colo you use not only involves undetanding which colo work well together but also undetanding the capabilities of display scree and browser for displaying the colo you choose. (In the case of pre-created images such as photographs someone else has taken, you don't choose the colo that were captured initially, but you can control which colo are saved for tramission.)
In computer display technology, a color is set for each individual pixel or addressable illumination element on the screen. Each pixel has a red, a green, and a blue (RGB) component. By specifying the amount of inteity for each of these components, a distinct color is given to that pixel. (A good way to remember this if you create Web page is to think of the way the background, text, or link colo are specified in the BODY tag as a string of eight binary digits, where each two-digit sequence (of eight bits, or a byte) represents one of the RGB components.)
For Web presentation, you (or the artist you're working with) will usually want to choose from a palette that is limited to the 256 colo that most computer use can display. Use with very high-quality display monito and adapte that provides a 24-bit variation for each pixel can view up to 16,777,216 different colo. However, most of us have compute that can only handle an 8-bit variation, limiting us to a (still pretty graphic) 256 color-palette.
If you do use a larger range of colo or pallette than someone's display or browser can handle, the browser will dithering the colo (that is, the browser will find colo within its palette that it can substitute for any color that is outside its palette).
As a designer, you will also want to coider that Mac and Windows browse do not have identical palettes. In the usual 256 color palette, 216 are common to both types of browse, but 40 are different and require dithering by one of the browse.
The figure is provided with the permission of Lynda Weinman.


琳达Weinman“s 216 - Mac和Windows browse@调色板!实际RGB值来指定,请参阅我们的表包含216 -网络安全调色板颜色。
A palette is both the board on which an artist puts selected colo and also the set of colo. More on the Web,选择您使用的科罗拉多州不仅涉及undetanding科罗拉多州都运行得很好,但也undetanding显示小石子的功能和浏览器显示您选择的科罗拉多州。(pre-created In the case of photographs引领图像而对某人,另外don’’t you mallakaster choose the干事一道,对国内,你可以控制的干事saved are tramission for进口品。)

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